Service Provided

- Logo Design & Branding
- UX (User Experience) Design
- Responsive Website Design
- Digital Marketing


- Custom WordPress Development
- Custom Integrations (CRM, LMS & Hubspot)
- Search Engine Optimization


Our collaboration with Back in Motion was transformative. By blending web design, development, and strategic marketing, we ushered in a new era for their clinic. Our revamped website and targeted campaigns attracted a surge of new clients, propelling their clinic to the forefront of the industry, driving substantial growth.

Boosted overall website traffic by 300% with targeted SEO strategies.

New appointment bookings / month through targeted marketing initiatives.

The market entry process was made easier by a thorough branding strategy.

Advanced analytics helped the company tailor their services, increasing sales by 55%.

Achieve 155% customer engagement with digital marketing.

Achieving 155% customer engagement through digital marketing, which required strategic planning and innovative campaigns. Our tailored approach and collaboration with the client enhanced brand visibility and fostered meaningful interactions, leading to a remarkable increase in engagement.

The entire DigiProjexel team was a pleasure to work with, bringing our website to life and boosting our appointments through strategic marketing.
Founder | BackInMotion

What Contributed to Its Success?

Comprehensive Market Research

We delved deep into understanding BackInMotion target audience, industry trends, and competitors, which shaped our digital marketing strategy.

SEO Strategy

We Improved BackInMotion's search engine visibility through targeted SEO strategies, driving more organic traffic to their platform.

Sales Funnel Optimization

We Streamlined Grunesland sales funnel to improve user experience, boost conversion rates, and reduce customer churn.

Performance Analytics

Monitored and analyzed key performance metrics to continually optimize the digital marketing strategy, ensuring the maximum return on investment for BackInMotion.

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